Crossfire Review (Hasbro)

What It Is
A classic makes a comeback...not that it every really went away. This is Crossfire from Hasbro Games. It's loud, active, competitive and features the kind of fast-paced  controlled mayhem kids love.

Set up is easy. Snap together the base, attach the blasters at each end and load them up with the steel marbles. Place the two pucks in the center of the arena. Start blasting! Use the marbles to move the pucks towards your opponent's goal. You can score with either puck as the marbles slam, bang and ricochet. Out of marbles? Scoop them up and reload. Couldn't be easier. 

But you do need to be a little bit strategic. Hitting the pucks so they slide take a little bit of skill. You also adjust the four bumpers to make it easier to move the pucks and score. You can set how many scores you want in a round, but mostly it's about the action.

Is It Fun?
Crossfire is as much fun as it as when it was launched in 1971, and one of the reasons that it's still so much fun is that Hasbro didn't make the game arena smaller. (Many times companies re-introduce smaller versions of classic games, which can be produced less expensively, but often at the expense of the fun.)

The game is still about the same size it was back in the day, which means the play hasn't been compromised, and we're pretty sure many of today's grown-ups will remember the commercial that made it one of the hottest games of its time. Forty-six years later, it's the kind of fun that never gets old.

Who It’s For
The game is designed for ages 7 and up, but don't be surprised if some adults want a turn. The competition, pace and the fun of blasting is easy for virtually anyone to do, so it's also good for people of different ages to play together.
What To Be Aware Of
Play on a level surface for best (and most fair) results.

The steel marbles may fly out of the arena, depending on how active you get playing. 

It takes some time and patience to master the skill of the game, so you may do better with fewer strategic shots rather than just blasting away.

Once assembled, the unit will not go back in the box, so hang onto the plastic bag to store the marbles between games.

This game is sold exclusively at Toys "R" Us.

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