Large Dachshund Review (Brio)

Large Dachshund
What It Is

The BRIO Large Dachshund is a pull-along toy that gives toddlers and preschoolers their very own pup to take along on all sorts of adventures. The body of this wooden toy dog is black, and the dog has swinging yellow ears and a springy tail with a yellow ball on the end. Its four large, red wooden wheels have black rubber strips around the center for traction. 

Kids simply pull the 28-inch yellow-and-red cord to make the dog follow along behind them. As it rolls around, its tail bounces and its ears swing and make noise against the dog's head.

Is It Fun?

Pull toys are a great way to help toddlers understand cause and effect because as they pull on the toy, it moves! It's also a nice way to help kids practice their newfound walking and coordination skills because they've got to hold their arm behind them in order for the toy to follow them.

And this little dog looks so cute in motion. With swinging ears that make noise as the dog's head moves and a bouncy tail that makes it look like the dog is happily wagging its tail as it follows along, this toy will be fun for little kids to take on all sorts of adventures. This is one durable wooden toy that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Who It’s For

The BRIO Large Dachshund pull-along toy is for ages 18 months and up. With its floppy ears and bouncy tail, this toy dog will be fun for little kids to pull around on all sorts of imaginative adventures.

This is going to be a toy that grandparents and aunts and uncles looking for a classic, no-bells-and-whistles toy will want to gift.

What To Be Aware Of

This is a larger version of the original BRIO Dachshund. It is made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood.

This is a durable toy, but it's also very heavy, so mom or dad is probably going to have to carry it for a young child.

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