Coding Jam Review (Osmo)

Coding Jam
What It Is

Osmo Coding Jam lets kids make music while they learn to code. 

Set up is simple but you will need a few things to get started. First, you'll need to download the free Osmo Coding Jam app and own an iPad. Osmo is only compatible with iPad devices at this time. You'll also need an Osmo base, which is sold separately but is adjustable to hold iPads large and small. If you already are familiar with Osmo learning system, then you may already have one of these. 

Once you've got all these things, place your iPad into the Osmo base, adjust the reflector on top, and enter the app. Osmo uses its magical reflective AI to turn the area in front of your iPad into an interactive play space that uses the included magnetic connector blocks to control what happens on the screen. 

In Coding Jam, each of the blocks represents a different element of code that corresponds to a different musical sound on screen. There are 11 activities you'll work through in a step-by-step process to help you understand the function of each of the 23 blocks. For example, you can add a loop or adjust the dial at the end of a block to raise or lower the notes as if you were moving up or down a key. As you connect the physical blocks, they create patterns and sequences of program that result in longer and more complex musical compositions. As you work through each activities, you'll be introduced to new elements of code and how they can fit into your sequence. In addition, with each level completed, you'll unlock new features within the app, such as new characters or access to things like the Jam session room, which is an open-ended area for kids to play and test their own musical and coding ideas. 

Is It Fun?

What we like about this particular coding kit is that it's not simply drag and drop programming. Kids need to physically swap the magnetic blocks, turn the arrows and more to see the sequencing coming to life on screen. The bonus is that it's also sparking kids' creative side through music play.

Who It’s For

Coding Jam is for ages 5 and up from Osmo. If you are looking for a creative and hands-on way to teach kids more about coding and programming Coding Jam is a fun option.

What To Be Aware Of
Coding Jam requires an Osmo base, which is sold separately. To find out more about additional Osmo products, click here.

Osmo games are available exclusively through the Apple App Stores and operate exclusively on iPads.

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