GoDog Retrieval GoBounce Large Review (Worldwise)

GoDog Retrieval GoBounce Large
What It Is
The Go Bounce is a versatile dog toy for fetching and chewing and is part of the Go Dog Retrieval line of dog toys from Worldwise.Upon first glance you might think this was some kind of new age bone and you’d be partially right.The inner portion of the Go Bounce is reminiscent of artificial bones you might see that are durable and have bumps and ridges which help keep gums and teeth healthy.  Then again you might look at this and say it was some kind of new ball and again, you’d be partially right.  The Go Bounce is designed with 2 tennis type balls made with Go Dog's tough core technology and that means they won’t pop or break in half like generic tennis balls and that also means no worry of becoming a choking hazard.  The balls also cause erratic bounces when tossed making this a fun fetch toy for Fido.The Go Bounce is one of those great multi-dimensional toys we talk about that’s a great addition to any dog’s toy box.
Is It Fun?
The Go Bounce is fun for a variety of reasons. First, the style is different and your pooch will have fun getting to know the new ways to play with a toy that incorporates attributes of both traditional balls and bones. Next up is the design. The Go Bounce has two tennis-type balls at either end made from Go Dog's tough-core technology so when it is tossed for fetch purposes, it takes a different bounce every time. The connector for the tough-core balls is made from a durable hard vinyl or plastic material with ridges which will be fun for Fido to chew on and possibly keep his gums and teeth healthy.
Who It’s For
The Go Bounce is excellent for any dog's toy box because of it's versatility and unique design features. Pet parents may also want to take one in the car for those unexpected play opportunities since it can be used for fetching or chewing. The Go-Bounce large is for medium to large-sized breeds. 
What To Be Aware Of
The tennis-type balls on the Go Bounce are made with tough-core technology and that means they will not puncture or break which could lead to accidental choking.  There is a smaller Go Bounce for smaller breeds available from Worldwise. 
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