Build-A-Minion Dave/Stuart Review (Thinkway Toys)

Build-A-Minion Dave/Stuart
What It Is

You get two Minions in one with the Despicable Me 3 Build-A-Minion Dave/Stuart Deluxe Action Figure. This 5.5-inch tall action figure, based on the new Despicable Me 3 movie, looks like Dave dressed in a grass skirt with coconut bra and floral necklace. But with just a few changes, you can turn Dave into Stuart, still wearing the grass skirt and coconuts but with a one-eyed goggle and holding a coconut drink in one hand. All of the pieces easily snap on and off of the Minion body. Both versions of the Minion have posable arms and feet.

Is It Fun?
Kids who are fans of the Minions will really like getting two Minions in one with this action figure. It's easy to change Dave to Stuart and back again, and of course, kids can mix and match all of the pieces to dress up either Minion character however they want. This will be a fun way for kids to recreate favorite movie scenes and imagine all-new adventures with favorite characters.
Who It’s For
The Despicable Me 3 Build-A-Minion Dave/Stuart is for ages 4 and up. It's going to be a fun toy for kids who are fans of the Minions and the new movie.
What To Be Aware Of

This toy comes with one Minion body, a single-eye goggle, double-eye goggles, an arm with a hand, an arm, two hands, a grass skirt, a coconut drink, and a lei.

Additional Minion action figures include Hula Jerry and Tourist Jerry. Each is sold separately.

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    None or Very Easy