Crossword Jigsaw Review (Babalu)

Crossword Jigsaw
What It Is
Looking for a puzzling challenge? Then check out the Crossword Jigsaw Puzzle from Babalu, Inc. This is a double challenge puzzle that combines the classic fun of a word-solving crossword puzzle and a jigsaw puzzle and roles it into one. You'll still need to go through the basics of piecing together this 550-piece puzzle, but if you need a little extra guidance, you can solve this crossword puzzle first on the included puzzle sheet. Once you've solved it, use it as a guide to help you place each of the 550 pieces. 
Is It Fun?
It’s hard to put a new twist on an activity as classic as a jigsaw puzzle but Babalu has found a way and this one has added appeal for word nerds. We love that it combines the fun of a crossword puzzle with another type of a puzzle, which also adds to the challenge of completing the puzzle itself. 
Who It’s For

The Crossword Jigsaw is a fun option for brain-teasing puzzle lovers. In terms of difficulty, we'd rate this as an early week New York Times crossword, not too difficult for avid crossword players but still challenging enough. The puzzle is not age-graded but it does require a certain vocabulary in order to complete the puzzle (without cheating). 

What To Be Aware Of
Once competed, this puzzle measures 24x18 inches.

You can also find blank crossword sheets at Babalu's website to reuse and/or share the puzzle with friends.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy