Star Wars Die Cast Han Solo and Luke Skywalker Review (shopDisney)

Star Wars Die Cast Han Solo and Luke Skywalker
What It Is
New 6-inch Elite versions of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are trying to break out of the Disney Store. Should you save them or chuck them into a trash compactor? Check it out!

In package, these figures are beautiful. They're among the best sculpts made of these characters, and they nail the likeness of Harrison Ford, while doing a passable job on Mark Hamill. Even before opening the package, the high-level of detail on each figure is evident, including usable holsters for blasters, removable Stormtrooper helmets, fully realized belts and other nice accents.

The box itself has a square bottom and top, as well as a large display window that shows off the figure. So, if you like to display packaged figures, you'll be able to fit these into your existing display easily. Also, of note, the boxes are high quality, and they should withstand minor drops without showing much wear.

Unfortunately, these figures are a little lackluster when you open the box. First, these are diecast figures with a lot of articulation. That means they have more plastic on them than expected, including the heads and feet.

With 14 points of articulation on Luke and 15 on Han (Han's torso twists above and below the belt, but Luke only twists above), these figures are meant to be ultra-posable. Unfortunately, with a very top-heavy design, both Luke and Han will topple. The articulation is designed to counter that issue, and since the ankles move, you can position them to carry the brunt of the torso's weight. However, this is not a perfect fix. Due to the high quality, these figures are best used for dioramas, but without a base to stand on, it's only a matter of time before they topple.

An added concern about the top-heavy nature is the easily-chipped paint job. After minimal time out of the box. both Han and Luke have lost paint from the top of their heads. 
Is It Fun?
The sculpts for both Han and Luke look great, and with many points of articulation on each figure, they are ultra-posable. They also have a high-level of detail, including removable Stormtrooper helmets, making them perfect additions to a diorama. And, collectors who prefer to keep their figures packaged, with love the squared off box that makes it easy to display the set.
Who It’s For
While the box says 3 and up, these are not kiddie toys. They're too heavy for a child these figures are perfect for display, not play.

What To Be Aware Of
If opened, these action figures are likely to topple over whether standing their included bases or on their own due to top-heavy torsos that aren't well supported by hollow-feeling legs. There is a good chance of paint damage even with slight drops, so use for display and not play.  

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