Despicable Me 3 Mini Fart Blaster Keychain Review (Thinkway Toys)

Despicable Me 3 Mini Fart Blaster Keychain
What It Is
From the new film Despicable Me 3 comes the new Fart Blaster Ray Gun from Thinkway Toys. Pranksters and lovers of rude noises will definitely agree that there is "something in the air" with this despicable minion gadget. This easy to operate ray gun like noisemaker will entertain kids for hours with a variety of toots and flaps and it has a light chamber feature which flashes red and green when activated. 
Is It Fun?
It makes many different variations of rude noises. There are two ways to enjoy this silly noisemaker. The first is to just push the button on the side for desired sound effect. The second is to use “Joke mode”, simply hold the button down for a few seconds, release the button and the mini fart blaster will release a rude sound every 10 seconds!  To stop the cycle, just hold the button again for a few seconds. With the joke mode, you can set it in a room for unsuspecting passer byes 
Who It’s For
For ages 4 and up 
This is for fans of the Minions and The Despicable Me films. It is also for the prankster in your life.

It makes many hilarious rude sounds and people of all ages will laugh wether they want to or not even if they aren't aware of the Minions.

What To Be Aware Of
It's a noise making toy. It's a RUDE noisemaking toy. The mini fart blaster keychain takes 1 AAA battery. This battery is for the display mode when selling the toy so they may run out of juice faster than a fresh battery.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions


    1 AAA battery required