DC Super Hero Girls Frost Review (Mattel)

DC Super Hero Girls Frost
What It Is

Frost is one cool superhero. She can freeze anything or anyone with a single touch, shoot ice or build ice constructs, and absorb heat. Based on the superhero character from the DC Super Hero Girls web series, the DC Super Hero Girls Frost Action Doll wears the character's signature blue. Her pony-tailed hair is light blue with dark blue streaks, and she wears a long-sleeved dark blue tunic with an ice crystal pattern on the front, icy collar and belt, and sparkly fur trim. Her leggings are dark blue, and her two-toned blue boots have plastic fur trim. On one hand, Frost even has an ice accessory to replicate her shooting ice from her hands.

The doll is also very poseable so that kids can recreate different action scenes from the show. And though Frost's outfit keeps her pretty covered up, the doll does have muscle tone to showcase the superhero's strength.

Frost also comes with a student ID card for Super Hero High School. This card tells kids what Frost's super powers are and gives some background into the character.

Is It Fun?
This is going to be fun for kids who like watching DC Super Hero Girls and who want to collect all of the show's characters in doll form. We really like the musculature of the doll and that Frost looks more like a typical teen girl, which is a nice change of pace from the more traditional voluptuous-looking female superheroes. The poseability of the doll lends itself well to action play, and kids will have a lot of fun playing out favorite scenes from the show and making up all-new superhero adventures for Frost with this doll.
Who It’s For
The DC Super Hero Girls Frost Action Doll is for ages 6 and up. It's going to be fun for kids who enjoy watching the DC Super Hero Girls show, allowing them to play out what they see and make up their own superhero adventures.
What To Be Aware Of

In the world of DC Comics, the character is actually Killer Frost and is a villain. But in the world of DC Super Hero Girls, all of the characters are good guys as they discover more about their powers and themselves in high school.

Additional DC Super Hero Girls dolls are also available and sold separately.

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