Plant an Emoji Garden Review (Creativity for Kids)

Plant an Emoji Garden
What It Is

The Plant an Emoji Garden is an indoor garden with a silly themed emoji face! This is a super creative craft that keeps up with today's tween and teen texting culture! This is perfect for displaying in your room, your desk or anyplace with some sunlight. The Plant an Emoji Garden craft combines indoor gardening and creative expression to create a very cool project. This set comes with one Emoji themed container, accessories to decorate, soil and chia seeds. Kids are encouraged to decorate the emoji container and plant the chia seeds to watch them grow. Within a few days you will have a vibrant chia sprout garden. 

Is It Fun?

This is a great creative kit that will encourage kids to work with their hands, create something fun and be creative. The accessories to embellish the Emoji Garden help encourage original art and creative play. 

Who It’s For
The Plant an Emoji Garden is for ages 6 and up. This is a easy craft that works very well and kids will enjoy having results so quickly.
What To Be Aware Of
Once the seed is spread, sprouts will come up in as soon as 4 days. 
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