Barbie Newborn Pups Review (Mattel)

Barbie Newborn Pups
What It Is

This Barbie set allows kids to help deliver Barbie’s dog’s puppies. The Barbie Newborn Pups set includes a mommy dog that gives birth to three puppies, the puppies, a Barbie doll, and accessories -  a dog bed, a paw-shaped puppy bath, a water bottle, and a washcloth. The Barbie doll is dressed in jean shorts, a striped t-shirt with hearts, white tennis shoes, and a headband. The doll bends at the knees, putting her at the exact right height to help deliver the pups. To activate, simply push on the dog's back, and the newborn puppies come tumbling out of the compartment on the bottom of the dog. The puppies feature color changing technology for kids to open and close their eyes, and reveal the sex of the puppies via pink or blue hearts on their bottoms. Ice cold water opens their eyes, and reveals the colored hearts to signify if each pup is a boy or a girl. Very warm water is used to close their eyes again when it’s time for bed. 

Is It Fun?

This is a fun set that allows kids to play vet, and help the mommy dog deliver her pups. It's done in a playful way, and does not go too deep into the miracle of puppy life. The set offers a lot of repeat play as kids can put the puppies back in the compartment underneath the dog to deliver again and again. It offers imaginative, and role play. The newborn pups are adorable, and the color changing technology adds an extra element of interactivity.

Who It’s For
This Barbie set will appeal to animal lovers, aspiring vets, and Barbie fans ages 3 years old and up.
What To Be Aware Of
Since this set does touch on the birthing process, albeit in a playful way, parents may want to be prepared with answers as to how the puppies got in there, and where the puppies actually come out of. The set is meant to be fun though so hopefully kids will see it as just that, and enjoy bringing the cute pups into the world with Barbie.

The same set is also available with an African American Barbie doll.

We found that the water must be very cold, and very warm in order for the color changing technology to work. Room temperature, and luke warm water didn't work for us.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy