Guardians of the Galaxy Mini MP3 Boombox Review (eKids)

Guardians of the Galaxy Mini MP3 Boombox
What It Is

Rock the look of Star-Lord with the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Mini MP3 Boombox from eKids. This is a new kid's audio device that also doubles as a roleplay toy. If you know Star-Lord than you know just how much Peter Quill loves his Walkman and his mix tapes from his mama. And now you can have your own version with this audio player. 

It looks just like the one Peter carries around clipped to his belt in the movies, but it isn’t an actual cassette player but rather a miniature "boombox" stereo. It comes pre-loaded with the song “Come a Little Bit Closer” from the movie, which you can play with a push of the Music button. If you want to listen to your own music, use the included auxiliary cable to connect your own device, such as a smart phone or MP3 player, to play. You can listen to music with or without the included headphones (also based on the one's worn by Star-Lord in the movies—very 1980s/1990s) to get the full experience. Use the buttons on your MP3 device or boombox to flip through songs as well as play or pause songs. On the boombox, there is a switch on the side to control the volume from low to medium to high. On your MP3 player, you have a bit more control over the volume. 

But beyond music listening, this mini audio player has another feature that we are sure kids will like engaging with: a voice recorder. To use, simply hold down the record button until the light starts to blink then speak into the device. Click it again and hit the play button to play back. It only records short sound clips so you don’t have much time to speak but still can be a fun feature for roleplay, especially when you add in the voice distortion, which kind of reminds us a bit of the Home Alone-famed Talkboy of the 1990s. It also records audio as well. 

Is It Fun?

This toy brings together the fun of roleplaying as Star-Lord as well as giving your own life a soundtrack to play and dance along to every day. For older fans a bit nostalgic for the days of using a real Walkman, it’s also a fun device and a lot cheaper than a finding an original.

Who It’s For

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 mini mp3 Boombox is age-graded for 3 and up, but will likely appeal to slightly older fans and audiences.

What To Be Aware Of

If there is one thing we weren't fans of it was the instructions, which makes figuring out how to properly record on the device much more confusing than it needs to be. At first it seems like all you have to do is press the record button to record yourself or music into the device—yes, and no. First you have to hit the MP3 button to take it out of this mode. If the device responds with "connect your MP3 player", hit it again. You won't hear any indication you are in record mode but you are. Then hold the record button until it starts to blink. Now you can record. It will write over any previously recorded content and only hold one song and/or sound bite at a time. 

This was something that also frustrated us in terms of being a functional/portable stereo system, because since it's not Bluetooth compatible, you essentially have to tote around two devices now instead of one to play your own music. 

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