Bane Toxic Truck Attack Review (LEGO)

 Bane Toxic Truck Attack
What It Is

Protect Gotham City from toxic attacks when you build The LEGO Batman Movie Bane Toxic Truck Attack set, model number 70914. Based on The LEGO Batman Movie, this comes with 366 pieces for building three different models.

First, you get to build Bane's 6x6 Toxic Truck. This orange, black, and grey truck features a minifigure cockpit, space for the included Bane big figure, six big wheels with rear-four-wheel suspension, a mounted and adjustable six-stud shooter with target sighting element, and a detachable green toxic tank. 

The second build is Batman's Whirly-Bat, which has a minifigure seat, a rotating rotor, two adjustable Batwings, and two wheels.

And then there is a toxic waste mini-build with silo, three toxic bomb elements, and an explode function.

Along with the Bane big figure, which stands two inches tall, the set also includes minifigures of Batman and a Mutant Leader. Plus, there are weapons of a Batarang and a torch.

Is It Fun?
This lets fans of The LEGO Batman Movie build and play out a favorite movie scene. As the main model, Bane's truck has lots of cool details. We especially like the suspension on the back wheels, which will really come in handy if kids are driving it over the rough terrain of their bedrooms. The exploding feature of the toxic waste silo adds excitement and action to the play as kids create all sorts of superhero stories.
Who It’s For
The LEGO Batman Movie Bane Toxic Truck Attack is for ages 8–14. It's going to be fun for kids (and adults) who are fans of The LEGO Batman Movie and who enjoy building with LEGO.
What To Be Aware Of
It took TTPM's Master Builder 45 minutes to assemble this set, and the instructions were easy to follow.
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