LEGO Spider-Man Homecoming ATM Heist Battle Review (LEGO)

LEGO Spider-Man Homecoming ATM Heist Battle
What It Is

Keep the streets of New York City safe with the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Homecoming ATM Heist Battle construction set. This 185-piece set, model number 76082, lets Spider-Man fans build a small bank that unfolds to open up, and inside are two ATM machines, both of which have LEGO money inside. And that's why the two masked robber minifigures want to break into the machines. They've got a grapple gun with chain and a laser weapon to open one ATM machine and steal the second one entirely. Press down on the red lever behind one machine to make it tip over and spill out dollar bills. The bank also has a breakaway window feature.

But the Spider-Man minifigure is swinging from the side of the building, ready to launch his Power Blast web accessories at the bad guys before they can make a getaway on their motorcycle. Attach the Power Blast accessories to Spider-Man's hands. Then, push on the side of an accessory to make it fly out of Spider-Man's hand.

Once caught, "unmask" the robbers by turning their faces around to reveal a second unmasked facial expression.

The set also comes with a comic book that provides story inspiration for how kids can play with the construction set.

Is It Fun?
This construction set gives Spider-Man fans good versus evil play right out of the box. It's easy to build, and it has a lot of fun action features that give kids multiple ways to play out the scene. The new Power Blast accessories are a fun feature and very easy to launch. And in the case of this set, it makes kids feel like they are really shooting web at the bad guys. This set will definitely inspire a lot of open-ended, narrative-based play for LEGO fans who also like the new Spider-Man movie or who are just fans of Spider-Man in general.
Who It’s For
The Spider-Man Homecoming ATM Heist Battle is for ages 6–12. Fans of the new Spider-Man movie will like building a scene from the movie, but this will also be fun for any Spider-Man and LEGO fan.
What To Be Aware Of
It took TTPM's Master Builder 30 minutes to build this set, and the instructions were easy to follow.
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