Swaddle Me First Year Safe Sleep Gift Set Review (Summer Infant)

Swaddle Me First Year Safe Sleep Gift Set
What It Is

The Swaddle Me First Year Safe Sleep Gift Set is a set of 4 swaddles for baby's first year. This set of swaddles will take you through all the various swaddle stages of baby’s first 12 months. Included are the Pod, The Original Swaddle, The Wrap Sack and The Wiggle Blanket. 

The Pod is for newborns.  This is an easy swaddle that keeps baby snug and imitates being in the womb. This is for newborns up to about 12 pounds. 

The Original Swaddle is for babies a couple months old. This too has a super snug wrap but gives the option of having an arm out if needed. 

The Wrap Sack allows babies to have both arms out. This is a transition swaddle for babies who can roll over safely. There is more room in the leg but it still wraps snug through the torso. 

The Wiggle Blanket is a sleeping blanket that allows baby to have both arms out while the zip up blanket keeps baby snug and and warm through the night. 

 The soft cotton and spandex fabric is easy to wash and feel  soft on baby's skin. These swaddles are easy to use with directions right on the swaddle itself in case parents need some tips. 

Is It Fun?

These swaddles are really helpful for new parents who are trying to figure out what stage of swaddle their child is in. These also take the complications of a traditional origami stye swaddle out. The cotton spandex fabric feels soft to the touch for both baby and parent. Swaddling helps soothe babies while also helping with consistent and healthy sleep routines. 

Who It’s For

The Swaddle Me 1st year Sleeping Solution is for use form birth up to 2 years. The wiggle blanket can be used until baby is 2 years. 

What To Be Aware Of
Additional colors and prints are available and sold separately. 
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