Grumpy Cat Annoying! Plush Cat Wand Review (Jakks Pacific)

Grumpy Cat Annoying! Plush Cat Wand
What It Is

The Annoying Plush Cat Wand is part of the Grumpy Cat line of cat toys from Jakks Pacific. This dangler toy features a wand full of fun Grumpy cat inspired plush objects including his famous grumpy face and little plush signs that say GO AWAY. The Annoying Plush Cat Wand has playful features to entice your kitty to play with it like bells and crinkly noises. While the noises definitely can be a little bit annoying, like itís name suggests, cats will have tons of fun playing with this dangler toy and thatís whatís most important. While the dangler is shorter than some of his favorite products, he had fun with this fuzzy, noisy, plush toy that definitely did not make him grumpy. 

Is It Fun?

The Annoying Plush cat wand toy from the Grumpy Cat line of cat toys from Jakks Pacific is a great product for any pet parents that love the iconic, famous feline, Grumpy Cat. This particular product is great for any cat that likes dangling cat toys. It has fun plush Grumpy Cat danglers to entice your cat to play with it! 

Who It’s For
The Annoying Plush Cat Wand from the Grumpy Cat is a great cat toy for cats that love to play with dangler toys. It's great for indoor cats that need to get some much needed exercise. This is also a great gift to get any of your friends that are cat owners who happen to love the iconic feline, Grumpy Cat. 
What To Be Aware Of
Always monitor your pets while playing with toys. This toy contains a long string that you want to monitor during playtime so they don't get injured or tangled. 
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