Coop Hydro Whistle Dart Review (SwimWays)

Coop Hydro Whistle Dart
What It Is
The Coop Hydro Whistle Dart Football is a small soft foam football that has a tail that corrects wobbly throws and allows you to throw the ball further.  People with strong arms will be able to throw this ball up to 50 yards. It also has a whistle so you can hear it flying through the air.
Is It Fun?
The ball is small enough that younger kids can easily wrap their hands around the full. The fact that the tail helps correct the football's spiral will allow you to throw further. The very soft foam helps makes it an easier ball to catch.
Who It’s For
This is for kids of all ages that want to toss a ball around. This ball isn't ideal for a larger game of football, like 7 on 7, but more for a smaller group or just want to see how far they can throw.
What To Be Aware Of
The laces in this ball don't really enhance the grip, and if you catch the ball by the tail you take a risk of tearing the foam. Always try and catch by the football part of the Hydro Whistle Dart.
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