Series 1 Mystery Slither Figure Review (Bonkers Toy Co.) Series 1 Mystery Slither Figure
What It Is

The Mystery Slither Figures Series 1 from the Bonkers Toy Company is a line of 15 snake-like figures inspired by the popular multiplayer game. If you’re not familiar with Slither or Slitherio as some gamers call it, it’s a highly addictive game for the iPhone, iPad or Android that’s been the #1 game on the App store. Players control a snake-like creature in a fierce battle against other players in an attempt to grow the longest snake in the server. Now Slither has been made into a tangible line of toys including these Mystery Slither Figures. Each figure measures 5.5-inches long, and is slightly bendable. Like so many brands today, each is packaged in a blind bag for a surprise every time. Kids may get one with a blue, red, and yellow “skin” like we did, or one of the others. There is a purple one, red, black, and white one, all green one, rainbow, a rare patriotic Slither, and even an ultra-rare figure. Each features large eyes, and a small mouth, giving them a little personality. 

Is It Fun?

Fans of can bring the fun of the game off screen with these collectible toys. It offers players a new way to engage with the game. With each figure packaged in a blind bag, kids can experience the element of surprise every time, as they discover which figure is inside the bag. This line offers collectibility with 15 different slither figures available. 

Who It’s For

These are recommended for kids ages 3 years old and up. It is highly unlikely that a 3 year old would play the io version of this game, however they may recognize the snakes from their parents playing. the toys will also appeal to any child who enjoys collecting toys, and opening blind bags. These also offer older gamers a cool new way to engage with the game. 

What To Be Aware Of

These are part of Series 1, which includes 15 different slither figures. Each one is packaged in a blind bag so kids do not know which figure is inside until they purchase, and open the bag. to collect. 

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy