Pie Face Power Rangers Edition Review (Hasbro)

Pie Face Power Rangers Edition
What It Is
Pie Face! Power Rangers Edition game from Hasbro combines the best selling Pie Face game with Saban’s Power Rangers. If you’re not familiar with Pie Face, it’s a skill-and-action game of chance with the comedy of classic pie throwing mixed in. The Power Rangers Edition features a two-sided Power Rangers character mask with Kimberly, the pink Ranger on one side, and Jason, the red Ranger, on the other. You will need a can of whipped cream, and a paper and pen to keep score, which are not included. To start, set up the pie thrower by choosing one side of the double sided mask, and spraying the whipped cream on top of the red hand. Two or more players ages 5 years old and up take turns spinning the spinner, sliding their head through the mask, resting their chin on the chin rest, and turning the handle the number of times shown on the spinner. With each turn, excitement and nerves build as players wonder if they will get hit in the face with whipped cream or get lucky, and come away with a clean face. Points are scored based on whether or not a player gets hit. The first player to score 25 points, wins the game.  
Is It Fun?
This is a hilarious game for families or friends with game play that’s simple to pick up.  The original is a best seller, and the element of surprise it brings to every round makes it exciting every time you play. With the Power Rangers featured in this edition, it is a great option for fans of the series, or movie, offering a fun new way to engage with the characters.
Who It’s For
Pie Face! Power Rangers Edition game is for two or more players ages 5 years old and up. This edition will appeal to Power Rangers fans, and would be great for a family game night or any night.
What To Be Aware Of
Whipped cream is not included. Players can use shaving cream as well, which also is not included.

Experiment to find just the right amount of cream to use. A pen, and paper are needed to keep score, which are also not included.

This edition of the game features two Power Rangers characters. There is an original Pie Face! game available as well that does not include any licenses.

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    None or Very Easy