Color Alive 2.0 Zombies Review (Crayola)

Color Alive 2.0 Zombies
What It Is

Color your pictures to life with the Crayola Color Alive 2.0 Zombies coloring kit from Crayola. This coloring book kit is part of the newest iteration of Crayola’s augmented-reality (AR) coloring books, which allow kids to color, and then bring their creations to life via a free app on iOS and Android. Each kit comes with a set of seven Crayola crayons and a coloring book featuring 16 interactive coloring pages. The Zombie coloring book features pages filled with zombies. From zombie skateboarders to zombie dogs and cheerleaders, there are a lot of zombies to choose from. Plus, it comes with a pink crayon, perfect for coloring in lots of brains.

Use the crayons to color in the pages to your liking, then scan them into the app. Once you’ve scanned your character into the app, they will appear through the lens of your smartphone as if superimposed on the real world, such as the Zombie dog. You can pinch the character to resize it or move it around the screen. You can also give the character a customized background, add animated color effects, and take selfies with the characters. In Color Alive 2.0, you can also interact with two characters on your screen at one time.

Is It Fun?

This coloring kit offers kids a way to get in some hands-on tactile play as well as digital play, so it does interact with kids where they are playing today. Plus, it’s pretty cool and exciting for young kids to see their creations come to life digitally through the app. 

The only aspect of the kids we found surprisingly disappointing was the crayons, themselves.  surprisingly with the crayons. While we often feel Crayola crayons are some of the best to work with, we wish this kits came with more vibrant colors. It kind of felt like Crayola tossed all the reject crayons into this kit. Especially when appearing on the digital screen, the characters end up appearing pretty dull and muted, and that’s after a few coats of crayon. Perhaps this has something to do with the AR tech, but we still felt a bit disappointed by the color selections. 

If you do have other Crayola crayons lying around the house, we suggest grabbing some of those because through our testing, they also worked with the app just fine.

Who It’s For
The new Crayola Color Alive 2.0 Zombie coloring kit is for ages 4 and up. It will appeal to kids that like creative play and arts and crafts as well as augmented reality. The zombie characters will also appeal to boys and girls equally for their silly expressions and the opportunity to bring them to life through the app. That said, we think it's best suited for younger kids in terms of the digital interactions, which are fairly simplistic and likely won't be engaging enough to hold the attention of a child older than age 5. 
What To Be Aware Of

Additional Crayola Color Alive 2.0 coloring kits are available and sold separately, including the DC Super Hero Girls color book also featured in this review.

The updated Color Alive 2.0 app only works with the new Color Alive 2.0 coloring books. You’ll still need to download the original app for any Color Alive 1.0 coloring books. 

The new app and coloring books offer kids the chance to have more than 1 character interacting together on the screen along with new sound effects and color effects. 

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