Urine Test Kit Review (Petnostics)

Urine Test Kit
What It Is
Petnostics is a system that makes it possible to analyze your dog’s urine with a test kit and a free app. before having to rush to the animal hospital. Basically you collect a urine sample and pour it into a sealed container. Once in, screw on the lid which houses the same diagnostic strip that Vets use to screen for health issues like blood sugar, urinary tract infections, anemia, liver disease, dehydration and others. If there is a persistent problem and you need to monitor your dog on a regular basis there are test packs sold separately for individual diseases and that could save you from repeat Vet bills let alone the time it takes to get you there and back. In theory this is a great tool for pet parents but the catch is, well the catch. Getting the urine sample can prove to be very tricky. Petnostics does offer a sample collector which is telescopic which makes it sort of easier than running around with a cup or bowl trying to catch it.
Why Is It Useful?
Petnostics is a great tool for pet parents that have special needs dogs and require their health to be monitored. For instance diabetes is on the rise in dogs and cats thanks to an outbreak of pet obesity. Using their free app and the same test strips that Vets use, you can monitor your dogs health without the expensive Visit or the time you have to sacrifice to get your pet there. This is especially true when we're talking about dogs that do not travel well or very large dogs that are difficult to transport for smaller pet parents.
Who It’s For
Petnostics can be used on any dog and by any pet parent with a smart device. Petnostics would be especially helpful for dogs which require constant monitoring.
What To Be Aware Of
TTPM Pets is not suggesting that Petnostics be used in lieu of bringing your dog to the vet to be checked out and we don't feel that Petnostics is suggesting that either. But there are situations where getting to your vet or animal hospital is difficult so Petnostics may aid in determining how badly your dog needs attention. Getting a sample can be difficult and Petnostics sells a urine collector. The Petnostics app is easy to download and works very quickly.  The app is available in IOS or Android format. Petnostics for Cats is sold separately.
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