PAW Patrol Bubble Pup Tag Skye Review (Little Kids)

PAW Patrol Bubble Pup Tag Skye
What It Is

Blow lots of "paw"some bubbles with the PAW Patrol Bubble Pup Tag Skye. This is a container of bubble solution that looks like Skye's pup tag with a propeller symbol on it. This symbol is for Skye's helicopter that she flies around to rescue people and transport her Rescue Pup team members.

Attached to the pink lid of the one-ounce container of bubble solution is a pink lanyard so that kids can wear the bubbles like a necklace. Unscrew the lid to reveal a built-in bubble wand. Dip the wand into the solution five to six times to prime it, and then blow bubbles.

Is It Fun?
This little wand and little container of bubble solution is just perfect for little bubble blowers. Kids will like that they can wear the bubble container around for some imaginative roleplay as they pretend to be Skye, and then easily blow bubbles. And, as long as you prime the bubble wand, you can get some really decent bubbles from this.
Who It’s For
The PAW Patrol Bubble Pup Tag Skye is for ages 3 and up, and will be a fun way for PAW Patrol fans to interact with a favorite character while engaging in classic bubble play outdoors.
What To Be Aware Of
PAW Patrol Bubble Pup Tags for Marshall and Chase are also available and sold separately.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy