Orbee-Tuff Link Review (Planet Dog)

Orbee-Tuff Link
What It Is

This odd, geometrically shaped dog toy is the Orbee-Tuff Link from Planet Dog. Planet Dog has made a name for itself as a maker of pet toys that are made from recycled materials and are non-toxic, 2 important requirements for today's pet parents. The Orbee-Tuff Link comes in two versions, a four piece set and an eight piece set. The idea is to take the pieces apart and load them with your dog's favorite treats or kibble. Then watch as they figure out how to get the treats out of the Link by using their paws and snouts. They may even try to pull apart the Link but fear not, the Orbee-Tuff material is soft and easy on the gums and teeth. The Orbee-Tuff Link is designed to be used in different configurations in order to increase the difficulty of the getting the treats out. This toy should keep your furry best friend entertained for hours on end. The Orbee-Tuff Link is easy to wash and it's also buoyant so you could use it as water toy of sorts but we feel the real fun with this dog toy happens on hard surfaces.

Is It Fun?

The Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Link is great fun for dogs that like puzzle toys or treat dispensing toys. This type of toy exercises a dog's natural foraging instincts and also is great for their doggy self-esteem since most pooches like to win their reward or treat if given the opportunity. Even after the treats are gone dogs may enjoy just chomping on the soft Orbee-Tuff material the the Link is made from.

Who It’s For

The Orbee-Tuff Link from Planet Dog is good for any canine kid especially those that like puzzle toys. We do think it's best suited for medium to larger dogs though. Toy breeds and smaller dogs may have difficulty pushing and rolling the Link and therefore may not get the treats out. There is a 4 piece version that may be better suited for small dogs.

What To Be Aware Of

Like all Orbee-Tuff toys, the Link is made in the USA and non-toxic. There are no BPA's or phalates used in the manufacturing process. A portion of the proceeds from all Planet Dog sales goes to the Planet Dog Foundation. The mission of the Planet Dog Foundation is to promote and support assistance dog organizations that enhance and save people's lives.

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