Fubbles Monster Bubble Wand Review (Little Kids)

Fubbles Monster Bubble Wand
What It Is

Make giant bubbles with the Fubbles Monster Bubble Wand. This comes with one giant wand, an inflatable dip tray, and a four-ounce bottle of Fubbles Monster Bubble Concentrate. 

First you have to make the bubble solution. Once you inflate the dip tray, pour the entire bottle of the bubble concentrate into the tray. Then fill the empty bubble bottle with water to pour into the concentrate. Do this five times, using the wand to stir the concentrate and water together. Once done, you'll have 28 ounces of bubble solution.

The wand itself needs to be assembled by inserting the handle into the wand, and then expanding the folded-up wand info a full circle. When you're ready to blow bubbles, dip the wand into the solution and wave the wand through the air to create monster bubbles. In ideal bubble-blowing conditions, the wand makes bubbles up to 15 feet long.

Is It Fun?

Blowing bubbles is always a fun outdoor activity, but blowing big bubbles makes it even more exciting. And kids will really like blowing bubbles that are almost as big as they are. You get a lot of bubble solution, ensuring that kids will be blowing bubbles and having a blast outside for a long time. 

Who It’s For
The Fubbles Monster Bubble Wand is for ages 3 and up. Kids who like blowing bubbles will like blowing monster bubbles with this toy.
What To Be Aware Of

The key to this bubble wand is priming. Give the wand at least six dips into the solution for best results.

It's also best if you blow bubbles on an overcast, cool, and humid day. If it's too hot or windy, you won't get the best bubbles.

Additional Fubbles Monster Bubble Concentrate is available and sold separately.

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