Disney Pixar Cars 3 Max Tow Truck Tow Mater Review (Jakks Pacific)

Disney Pixar Cars 3 Max Tow Truck Tow Mater
What It Is

What better vehicle to add to the Max Tow Truck line than the tow truck from the Cars movies, Tow Mater? The Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Max Tow Truck Tow Mater brings the character to life through more than 50 sounds and phrases, and towing action. Tow Mater can pull up to 200 pounds. It even comes with a chain and tow hook.

Whenever you turn Mater on, he'll be in Turbo Mode. Press his lights to watch him travel really fast, almost as fast as his buddy Lightning McQueen.

Attach the chain to the truck's hitch, and then wrap the chain around the object you want to tow and attach with the hook. Press the lights on the truck and watch Mater tow.

For pushing action, Push in Mater's bumper by placing an object in front of Mater, and then press the lights to make the truck push.

Is It Fun?
Kids are really going to like hearing Mater talk and make funny sounds. (Yes, he even makes a sound like passing gas.) Plus, they'll really enjoy experimenting to see what Mater can tow and push around. Unfortunately, the towing action really needs to be helped along by putting objects on a wheeled platform, such as in a wagon or another large toy car. But kids will still enjoy interacting with the character and playing out his role of tow truck in Radiator Springs.
Who It’s For
The Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Max Tow Truck Tow Mater is for ages 6 and up. It's a fun way to bring the character to life for young fans.
What To Be Aware Of

Tow Mater requires six C batteries, which are not included.

The toy is very loud and does not have volume control.

This works best on a hard, flat surface. 

For optimal towing performance, it’s recommended that you put objects on a wheeled platform.

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    6 C batteries required