Twin Roo + Review (Joovy)

Twin Roo +
What It Is

The Joovy Twin Roo + is a stroller frame that holds two car seats. Parents can place infant car seats facing the same direction or opposite directions when strolling. This is a sturdy stroller frame that folds up flat for storage or for the back of the car. This frame is not lightweight and we don't expect it to be. It weighs approximately 25 pounds.

Once you have your infant car seats in the stroller frame, this acts as your everyday stroller for strolling with your twins. A parent tray holds up to four beverages and has space for phones and keys. The under storage basket is generous for storing diaper bags, toys and whatever else you are carrying around.

The Joovy Twin Roo + fits most infant car seats but an adapter needs to be purchased to fit your seat. A list of compatible car seats is available at

Why Is It Useful?

Overall, this is a great stroller frame for parents of twins. It allows you to put baby right into the stroller without taking them out of a seat. This is especially helpful when baby is sleeping. The stroller itself moves smoothly and is great for sidewalks, neighborhood strolls and shopping malls. The double frame is ideal for parents for twins and this acts as your primary stroller for the first couple years.

Who It’s For

The Joovy Twin Roo + is for use with two infant car seats, with a total  weight limit of 70 pounds . 35 pounds each car seat.

What To Be Aware Of

The fold is pretty large and we suggest you make sure this will fit in your car. The stroller weighs about 25 pounds and cannot be used without an adapter. Adapters are sold separately.

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