SPOT Wuggles Wool Ball Teaser Wand Review (Ethical Products)

SPOT Wuggles Wool Ball Teaser Wand
What It Is

The Wuggles Wool Ball Teaser Wand is a cat toy made from all-natural felted wool that provides a scent and textures that cats won't be able to resist. It's lightweight and easy for cats to bat and drag around their home like their captured prey. Cats that love feathers will enjoy the luscious array of feathers attached the wool ball. It features a 12" wooden stick and a thick elastic string that allows the wool ball with feathers to bounce around with spontaneous movement. Cats will love hunting and preying on the unpredictable movement and will get lots of exercise! 

Is It Fun?
Yes, the Spot Wuggles Wool Ball Teaser wand is fun! The elastic cord provides spontaneous movement that feline friends will have tons of fun with! Cats that love feathers will also have lots of fun playing with this cat toy! It's a great way to get some fun exercise for your pet!
Who It’s For

The Wuggles Wool Ball Teaser Wand is a great cat toy for cats that love to hunt and chase the unpredictable movement of wand toys! It's great for any cat that's interested in wool textures in their toys. Cats that love feathers will also have a great time playing with this toy. This pet product is made from natural fibers and is great for any pet parents that are interested in products that are made from natural fibers. 

What To Be Aware Of
To ensure the safety of your pet, supervise your pet at all times during playtime. Especially with toys that feature an elastic string. Do not allow your pet to play with this toy if any part of the toy comes loose or separated. This toy is intended to be used with supervision. 
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