SPOT Stretch and Squeak Ducks Review (Ethical Products)

SPOT Stretch and Squeak Ducks
What It Is

The Spot Stretch and Squeak Duck dog toy from Ethical Products is a cute, soft, plush Duck that is 18 inches long B.S. which is short for before stretching.  The SPOT Stretch and Squeak Duck comes in 3 versions each representing a different type of duck. Each duck toy has rope handle at one end and a unique squeaker inside designed to makes noise when you pull it and also when it's released.   So, when you and Fido battle over who gets the duck,  you'll be met with a wall of squeaky sound that is sure to keep your pal engaged and happy.  Do not expect this toy to hold up to aggressive chewing.  It isn't designed for that.  But, for indoor fetching and some moderate tugging, the SPOT Stretch and Squeak Duck should provide lots of interactive entertainment for you and your playful pooch.

Is It Fun?

Dog toys can be excellent tools to help engage pet parents in interactive play with their dogs and the SPOT Stretch and Squeak dog toys are no exception.  The noisy squeaker that sounds whenever pulled or released only enhances the play value of this tugging dog toy. Most pet experts agree that canines prefer playing with their humans most of all so yes these dog toys are fun for you and your dog. 

Who It’s For

The SPOT Stretch and Squeak dog toys are for dogs that enjoy a good tugging toy. They can also be used for indoor fetch games so dogs that enjoy fetching will approve as well.  Lastly, if you have a snuggler, this might be used as a comforting plush toy.

What To Be Aware Of

The SPOT Stretch and Squeak Duck is not a chew toy and should not be treated as such.  When the product is damaged it should be taken away from your dog to avoid ingestion of small plastic pieces.  This dog toy, like most, should be used under pet parent supervision.  There are 3 other styles of SPOT Stretch and Squeak dog toys including Snakes and the Buds and Pals which are small woodland creatures.

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