Washable Sidewalk Chalk Despicable Me Review (Crayola)

Washable Sidewalk Chalk Despicable Me
What It Is

Nothing says summer like sidewalk chalk! This is washable sidewalk chalk from Crayola featuring characters from Universal’s Despicable Me. The Minion Made chalk pieces come in grey, white, red, yellow, purple and blue. These pieces are true replicas of their cartoon counterparts, down to their individualized grins. The detailing is truly incredible! With bright pigments, your designs will shine but not on your clothes! This chalk washes right out! 

Is It Fun?

Drawing with sidewalk chalk is a great outdoor activity for the whole family! Kids will love seeing their favorite Minions in chalk form, especially as their creations come to life. This chalk fosters active and imaginative play, along with creativity. Whether you’re drawing up hopscotch or decking out your driveway with bright designs, this chalk will color your imagination.

Who It’s For

This chalk is great for kids ages 4 and up, and is a great activity for the whole family. Kids of all ages enjoy drawing with sidewalk chalk. There’s an endless possibility to the worlds that can be created.

What To Be Aware Of
This chalk is washable! When you're finished with your creations, get out the hose or just wait for the rain to wash the chalk away!
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