Spinzipz Review (Zing)

What It Is
Spinners are a huge fad in the summer of 2017. The Spinzipz are the next generation of spinners, combining cool, spinning action with cool light effects. The spinners have translucent, colored plastic shells with one color on each side and an LED inside that looks like a colored light and lights up as kids get the action going. They're the first light-up spinners on the market. But that's just the beginning of the fun! If you have two Spinzipz, you can connect them with a small posted, included with each spinner, that joins two Spinzipz together. Give them a flick and get them going in the same or opposite directions, and watch the effects. The built-in batteries will power the LEDs for a long time. Three different color combinations are available. 
Is It Fun?
Kids love spinners. They're the fad toy of the moment, and the light up feature is really cool, as is the ability to join two together for even more dramatic light up impact. More than other spinners, kids will want to spend time with these trying to master different spins and lighting effects. They're nicely weighted, and very tactile, which is a big part of the play with these toys as well. Plus, you can play in the dark, which is always pretty cool.
Who It’s For
Zing recommends these for kids ages 4 and up, but really anyone who likes a cool fidget toy is going to get a kick out of these. 
What To Be Aware Of
LED batteries can't be replaced, but the lights should last as long as, or longer than, a kid's interest. 

In addition to regular retail stores, you can find these online directly from Zing at the Zing Store

These make a nice companion toy to Zing's Thumb Chucks.

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