LED Dog Leash Review (GloPup)

LED Dog Leash
What It Is

The GloPup LED Leash has a built in LED strip that the manufacturer states can be seen from 1000 feet away. The GloPup LED leash is battery operated using two, 3 volt lithium batteries which should last up to 48 hours in blinking mode before needing to be replaced.  The GloPup LED Leash is designed with  polyester webbing, hardened plastic buckles and a stainless steel bolt snap.  It is adjustable so you can make it shorter for larger dogs.  The GloPup LED Leash has 3 modes of light which you can change by pressing the button under the GloPup logo, solid, slow blink and fast blink.

Why Is It Useful?

The GloPup LED Leash is useful because it can seen better by drivers who may be unaware of you and your pooch's presence.  Distracted driving is a hot topic so anything that can present a higher visibility level than a regular collar can be safer and useful to pet parents.

Who It’s For

The GloPup LED Leash can be used by any breed or size dog since it's adjustable however it may be a bit large for toy breeds.  It's also good for pet parents that enjoy nighttime excursions with Fido or live in rural areas where the roads may not be lit sufficiently.

What To Be Aware Of

The end of the GloPup leash closest to the handle is very bright but the light diminishes as it gets close to the end that attaches to your dog. We are uncertain how that may affect visibility. The GloPup LED Leash runs on two, 3 volt lithium batteries.  GloPup claims the batteries will generate a total of 48 hours of blinking light before batteries need to be replaced.  Replacement involves removing the back with a tiny phillips-head screwdriver.  GloPup LED Leashes come in multiple colors.   GloPup offers and 2 year 100% money back guarantee on its products. The GloPup LED Leash can be used with any harness or collar.

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