Coop Hydro Spring Hoops Review (Coop Sports)

Coop Hydro Spring Hoops
What It Is

The Coop Hydro Spring Hoops will be a slam dunk for summer fun in the pool. This inflatable basketball hoop floats in water, which means you can shoot hoops while swimming in the pool.

The set includes a brightly colored fabric-covered inflatable floating basketball net and a basketball with textured grip for non-slip performance even when wet. The net's twist-and-fold design means it's easy to pop it open and inflate by mouth, but just as easy to deflate and fold back up so that it fits inside the carrying case.

A pin is included for inflating the basketball.

Is It Fun?
This will be a fun way for kids who like swimming and basketball to combine the two and get active this summer. Kids can practice shooting hoops in the water or challenge a friend to a one-on-one basketball game. All of kids' movement within the water causes the floating net to move around, which ups the challenge of trying to make a basket. And that's all part of the fun.
Who It’s For
The Coop Hydro Spring Hoops set is for ages 5 and up. Kids who like swimming and playing basketball will like the combination of the two with this easy-to-set-up basketball net.
What To Be Aware Of
An adult will need to use the pin to inflate the basketball. You'll need a bicycle pump, which is not included.
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