Jumpin' Review (Smart Games)

What It Is
Jumpin' is a one-player, strategic game for players 7 and up. There are 60 different puzzles, covering Beginners, Juniors, Experts, Masters and Wizards - so there's a challenge that's perfect for all ages, and all different skill-sets. Jumpin' comes with a portable, travel-sized game board, three mushrooms, two sly, sliding foxes, three different-colored bunny rabbits, instructions and 60 challenges. The object of the game is to get all your bunnies to safety by avoiding obstacles, and jumping into their rabbit holes. Mushrooms are stationary, foxes slide and bunnies jump. Bunnies must always jump over an obstacle, and never directly into a hole. Follow the set-up diagram for the challenge you choose, and then start jumping! Each challenge notes the minimum number of moves to complete it, and if you're stuck, you can always find the solutions in the back of the booklet. Jumpin' is not only a challenging, fun time, but it also stimulates many cognitive skills, including planning, logic, problem-solving, spatial insight, and concentration. The playing-pieces are adorable, and kids will enjoy playing with them as much as solving the puzzle. There are many different puzzles, and five different levels of challenge. It’s very likely that kids younger than 7 will be able to solve the simpler levels and be engaged in the play. However, don't be fooled by the cuteness, some of these puzzles will challenge even the most-experienced problem-solvers. 
Is It Fun?
The puzzles are creative and challenging and with five different levels, there is a puzzle for everyone. Children will love the fun playing-pieces and adults will have fun with the challenges. 
Who It’s For
Ages 7 and up.  Younger kids might be able to complete the beginner-level challneges, and most people will find the wizard-level challenges difficult. Although the playing pieces are adorable, this is not suited for preschoolers. 
What To Be Aware Of
Small playing pieces should be kept away from children under 3, and pets.  Don't be fooled by how cute this game is - these are some challenging puzzles, especially as one advances from beginner to wizard.
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    Medium Difficulty