Cars 3 Color Wonder Metallic Paper & Markers Review (Crayola)

Cars 3 Color Wonder Metallic Paper & Markers
What It Is

If you like the shiny racecars from the Cars movies, then you'll like coloring shiny cars with the Color Wonder Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Metallic Paper & Markers. This art set comes with a coloring book that has 12 metallic coloring pages in it and five Color Wonder markers. As with all Color Wonder products, the markers will only leave color on the special Color Wonder coloring paper, and that's what is in the metallic coloring book. When you start coloring on the paper with, say, the blue marker, at first the color goes on clear before turning to blue.

Color in pictures of Lightning McQueen, Luigi and Guido, and other favorite characters from the new movie. There are shiny metallic details on each page, and even the colors end up with a metal sheen that adds dimension and detail to kids' mess-free designs.

Is It Fun?
For kids who like the Cars movies, this coloring book will be a lot of fun. The shiny metallic pages make the finished product look really cool, and kids will like hanging up their artwork on the fridge or on their bedroom walls. Parents will like that the Color Wonder markers only work on the coloring pages, ensuring a mess-free coloring experience. 
Who It’s For
Color Wonder Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Metallic Paper & Markers is for ages 3 and up. Kids who are fans of the Cars movies will have a lot of fun coloring in shiny pictures of their favorite movie characters.
What To Be Aware Of

Color Wonder products uses a colorless system that is invisible on most household surfaces. It is recommended that you remove residue from hands by washing with soap and water.

A Despicable Me Minion Made Color Wonder Stampers set is also available and sold separately.

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