Color and Erase Mat Review (Crayola)

Color and Erase Mat
What It Is

Get creative on the go with less mess thanks to the Crayola Color & Erase Mat. This large two-foot by three-foot mat gives kids a generous canvas for their masterpieces or game playing. It comes with four ColorPop! Washable Markers in blue, pink, yellow, and green. These special markers have ink that wipes away with water. And to make that magic erase feature happen, there is a refillable eraser and a wipe cloth. The eraser gets filled with water and two drops of dish soap. Simply doodle and decorate with the markers, and then use the eraser to swipe away the creations. Wipe the surface dry with the wipe cloth.

When playtime is over, place the markers in their elastic loops, fold up the mat and secure it with the Velcro straps, and place the eraser and wipe cloth in the outer mesh pocket. The carry handle makes this easy to take on the go.

Is It Fun?
This is a fun way for creative kids to color and play at home or on the go. Clean up is easy, and kids will like that they can wipe away their creations so they can start over and draw something new as many times as they want. This just gives young artists a big canvas on which to use their imaginations.
Who It’s For

The Color & Erase Mat is for ages 3 and up. Creative kids who like to color will have fun coloring on the go with this mat and easily wiping the mat clean so they can draw and color over and over again.

What To Be Aware Of
This mat is only for use with ColorPop! Washable Markers.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy