Who's The Dude? Review (Identity Games)

Who's The Dude?
What It Is

Who’s the Dude? is a party game from Identity Games, which puts a new twist on the classic game of charades. Instead of acting things out on your own, you’ve got a blow-up doll, the Dude, to help you out. First, you’ll need to inflate the dude. You can do so with an electric pump or the old fashion way. Just make sure you don’t inflate him all the way, since he needs to be limber and bendable to help you act things out. Then it’s time to play. 

There are 110 charades cards included which are double sided and feature two charades to chose from on each side. The youngest player goes first with play moving clockwise. Grab a card from the pile and read the underlined portion aloud. This lets your fellow players know what the category is, such as What am I? or What is the Dude doing? Then start acting things out. There are 45 seconds on the clock to get through as many cards as you can before time runs out. 

The player acting things out with the Dude earns one point for every card they correctly act out. The player who correctly guesses the action also earns the card and a point. Points for each can be tallied per round on the included score sheets. Play continues for four rounds of play. Players also earn double points in the last round. The player with the most points at the end wins the game. 

Is It Fun?

Charades is a classic game for any party that never requires a lot of set-up or instructions. It's the kind of game you can simply pick up and play. The Dude amplifies the fun of the classic, adding a new twist to the gameplay and will definitely bring on the laughs. 

Who It’s For

Who’s the Dude? is for ages 16 and up, but content is 100-percent kid-friendly so it's not necessarily an "adult game." That said, some of the vocabulary might be a bit too advanced for younger players and we can’t guarantee that acting things out with the Dude may not always look appropriate (full disclosure). 

What To Be Aware Of
If you are playing with more than five players, break off into teams. Players can only guess in this scenario if it’s your team's turn. 

This dude is inflatable so you will still need to be careful with him as he can pop. A patch repair kit is included with the game just in case. 

There isn’t a timer included so although the rules suggest 45 seconds per turn, it’s really house rules in terms of how much time you want to put on the clock. 

The Dude stands at nearly 5 feet tall when full size.

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