Starpath Dolls Review (Pitt Street Doll Company)

Starpath Dolls
What It Is

Go on a magical journey with a doll and a story that stars you. The Starpath Dolls are 18.5-inch dolls that aim to be companions for imaginative play as well as on magical journeys that kids can read about in personalized books. There are four Starpath Dolls to choose from, and each one wears a different outfit, has a different skin tone and hair color, and has a different star-themed name.

Morning Star has a braid in her long blonde hair, and her flowery outfit consists of a white shirt, halter sweater, skirt, white sandals, and matching purse.

Shining Star wears a pink beret in her long brown hair with a pink shirt to match. Her plaid cotton skirt is black and white and double-tiered, and she finishes the look with black patent boots and a matching belt.

Wandering Star is an African-American doll wearing a purple knit shirt with matching jacket that has a working zipper. She wears blue denim pants, lavender sneakers, and a lavender ribbon and headband in her hair.

And Wishing Star wears an aqua-colored sundress with polka dot skirt and a black ribbon belt, black patent Mary Jane shoes, and a matching aqua hair bow in her long black hair.

Each doll includes a personalized storybook in both e-book and paperbook versions. The two story choices are Tiger Magic, a journey to India to save an endangered cub, and A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong, a story about helping Cinderella make her dreams come true. Each customized chapter book weaves 20 of your personal characteristics into the plot. Just go to the website to personalize after purchase.

Each doll is poseable with soft bodies and vinyl limbs, and each doll is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

For girls who like to read and play with dolls, this will be a neat combination of the two. The Starpath Dolls are really beautifully made, and we like that there are different skin tones to choose from so that girls can pick a doll that looks more like them. And it will be fun for kids to read about their doll and themselves going through the adventures in the story. 

Who It’s For

Starpath Dolls are for ages 3 and up, but the books themselves are recommended for ages 5 to 8. Kids who like dolls and reading books will enjoy the combination of the two and seeing themselves in the story.

What To Be Aware Of

Each of the four Starpath Dolls is sold separately.

Additional clothing and accessories for the dolls are sold separately.

These dolls can wear clothing from other 18-inch dolls, too.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy