Kodak Video Monitor for Pets Review (Tend Insights)

Kodak Video Monitor for Pets
What It Is
This high-tech device is the Kodak video monitor for Pets from Tend Insights. The Kodak Video Monitor works in conjunction with a free app called ISecurity Plus which is available in both android and IOS versions. After downloading the app you plug in the camera and it automatically will go into setup mode. After following a few more steps which are not difficult you are now connected to your camera streaming High Def video from anywhere at anytime. The camera also switches into nightvision mode when there is very little or no light. You can use the camera on any flat surface or mount the camera on a wall or ceiling using the provided base plate and the screws included with the camera. The ISecurity Plus app lets you pan the camera 350 degrees left and right and 105 degrees up and down. The ISecurity plus app also will alert you each time there is movement in front of the camera. You can also activate the highlight reel feature which will let you watch your pets activity in a montage that you can also share with friends and family. That covers most of the technical points but let's just say that this camera is a great value for the price. It does everything it claims to and if you’re interested, you can even pay a small monthly fee for extra features like a larger cloud space and smart features like human recognition which only alerts you when a human moves. Bottom line, this camera is terrific for security purposes and to keep an eye on your pets when you can’t be home.
Why Is It Useful?
The Kodak Video Monitor for Pets is a wonderful tool to use to keep an eye on your pets when you aren't home. The I Security Plus app is also easy to use and allows you to keep a highlight reel of your pets so you know exactly what they did while you were away. You can also scan different parts of your home since the Kodak cam will rotate up and down and side to side. We like the fact that you can also talk to your pet should you catch them doing something they shouldn't be doing. This monitor is great for monitoring pets that are ill or have an injury. Aside from all of the Pet-related features, we also feel that the Kodak monitor is also a great device for home security.
Who It’s For
The Kodak Video Monitor for Pets is ideal for pet parents that are concerned about separation anxiety (for the pet or pet parent) or need to watch their pets because of illness or injury. This is also for pet parents who like to share video of their pets with their friends and family. The Kodak monitor is also good for folks who would like to check in on their homes while they're away.
What To Be Aware Of
You must use the Kodak Video Monitor for Pets in conjunction with the I Security Plus App which is available in android and IOS versions. Remember your password and user name or you will have to reset the camera and open a new account. If your video streams in black and white don't panic.  It only means that the night-vision, which is pretty sensitive, has kicked in. The Kodak Video Monitor must be plugged in at all times to work. The I Security Plus app is free but you can upgrade your Cloud Space and features for a monthly fee.
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