Disney Cars 3 Thunder Hollow Crazy 8's Demolition 3-Pack Crash Set Review (shopDisney)

Disney Cars 3 Thunder Hollow Crazy 8's Demolition 3-Pack Crash Set
What It Is
The Disney Pixar Cars 3 Thunder Hollow Crazy 8's Demolition 3 Pack Crash Set is a fun smash larger car set that allow kids to play out the demolition derby form cars three. The set feature three vehicles from the movie:Lightning McQueen in his disguised car as Chester Whipplefilter, Dr Damage and T-Bone. The launcher are easy to load and use, the vehicles move at a good speed, and will create some great crashes. Upon impact on the front end, Chester Whipplefilter will make some crashing sounds, T-Bone chassis will bend in half, and Dr Damages doors will pop open.
Is It Fun?
What's more fun the smashing cars?This set allows has a simple launching mechanism to play your own version of demolition derby at home.
Who It’s For
This set is for all fans of the Cars franchise of for kids who just like the action of smashing some cool cars.
What To Be Aware Of
This toy is a Disney Store exclusive.

When launching the vehicles, you must first press the button on top of the launchers before pushing the launcher forward to set cars blazing. 

If you are sitting across from a car, be aware that these cars travel fast and you could get hit if not paying attention.

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