Disney Cars 3 Lightning McQueen Remote Control Vehicle Review (shopDisney)

Disney Cars 3 Lightning McQueen Remote Control Vehicle
What It Is

The Disney/Pixar Cars 3 RC Lightning McQueen from The Disney Store is a six-inch remote-controlled vehicle based on the character in the Disney/Pixar film and the latest in the Cars movie franchise, Cars 3. The little red racing vehicle is detailed to look like the character from the movie, equipped with Rust-eze branding, racing digits, and a sleek and shimmery red paint job. The toy car also features thicker tread rubberized tires to easily tackle smooth and low-pile carpeted surfaces. 

Set the on/off switch on its base. Then grab the steering wheel-shaped remotes to control how to drive McQueen drives. The remote-control features a chunky grip wheel—great for little hands to hold—as well as buttons to send the vehicle forward, backward, left, and right. 

Is It Fun?

Racing is such a big component to the storylines of all the Cars movies and we love how this easy-to-control R/C vehicle puts the power in kids’ hands to bring to life the fan-favorite red racing legend McQueen. Kids can also gather multiple cars from the line to race among friends, and enjoy the fun of classic vehicle play. 

We like that for beginner users, they can simply stick to the easy-to-maneuver forward and back buttons, just within a thumbs reach. Then when they want to start turning the vehicle to send it around curves, they can hold the right or left button down at the same time as either the front or back button to turn the car. 

Who It’s For
The Disney/Pixar Cars 3 RC Lightning McQueen is from The Disney Store, and it’s for ages 3 and up. It will appeal to fans of the Disney/Pixar Cars 3 movie, cars franchise and characters, and kids that simply love racing and vehicle play. Fans of the beloved red racing legend will especially love bringing the character to life via R/C play.
What To Be Aware Of
Additional Disney Store Cars 3 R/C character cars are also available and sold separately, including Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm, which are also featured in this video. 

The toy requires five AAA batteries—three for the car and two for the remote control. They are included. 

Learning how to maneuver the vehicle using the controllers can be a bit tricky and does take some practice.

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