Cars 3 Pit Crew Launcher Set Review (shopDisney)

Cars 3 Pit Crew Launcher Set
What It Is

Launch Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm, his rival from the new Disney/Pixar movie Cars 3, into a race with the Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Pit Crew Launcher Set. It comes with a launching mechanism that also serves as storage for the character cars and accessories, which include a Lightning McQueen die-cast car, a Jackson Storm die-cast car, a breakaway finish line flag, a breakaway barrier, a gas tank, a drill, and a plastic Guido car. You also get two bands and four band holders that will hold the die-cast cars in place when carrying the launcher/carrying case around by the handle.

To race, place each car into a slot and push back until the launcher locks into place. (You may need to lock the launchers by hand.) Then, press the button on the back to launch both cars. You can set up the accessories to create whatever kind of racetrack you’d like, and play out a pretend pit stop for Lightning McQueen and have Guido help keep Lightning in racing form.

Is It Fun?
This will be a fun way for kids who like Cars 3 to play out the races from the movie or just create some of their own fast-paced racing action. Both of the die-cast character cars are really nicely made and a bit larger than traditional die-cast cars, making them easy for small hands to roll around and load into the launcher. We were a little disappointed in the launcher’s performance. It seemed that one side worked better than the other. But that might actually help play into kids’ storytelling, especially if they want to see Lightning McQueen come out on top.
Who It’s For
The Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Pit Crew Launcher Set is for ages 3 and up. Cars 3 fans will really like adding these cool new die-cast character cars to their collections and playing out the racing action from the movie.
What To Be Aware Of

When launching these cars, it always seemed like one side of the launcher worked better than the other.

There are instructions located in the clear belly band wrapped around the toy, so don’t throw it away before retrieving those instructions.

This set is available exclusively at the Disney Store.

A Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Crashers Launcher Set is also available and sold separately.

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