Washable Sidewalk Paint Sprayer Review (Crayola)

Washable Sidewalk Paint Sprayer
What It Is
The Washable Sidewalk Paint Sprayer is a fun toy for outdoor art! This outdoor art set includes a paint sprayer, two paint cartridges, stencils and instructions. Find a boring sidewalk, Place your stencil on the surface and spray colorful designs onto your outdoor space. This works on grass and outdoor walls. The sprayer is refillable and you don’t have to use the stencils at all. Kids are encouraged to create their own original designs. When it rains everything washes off so you can have your  canvas back to start over. 
Is It Fun?

This set encourages creativity, and lots of outdoor fun. It also helps reinforce motor skills, hand eye coordination and overall artistic value. 

Who It’s For
The Washable Sidewalk Paint Sprayer is for ages 6 and up. This is a great play set that encourages art and is ideal for elementary aged kids. 
What To Be Aware Of
The paint does take some time to come out but we have some tips to help. Shake the bottle vigorously to thin the paint out. You should be able to hear it thinning and be sure to pump the handle up to 15 times to get it warmed up.  Make sure you rinse the nozzle to prevent dried up paint clumps. 
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