Dreamland Fairy House Review (Slane Van Dine)

Dreamland Fairy House
What It Is

Bring a magical fairy story to life through reading and art with the Dreamland Fairy House kit. The kit includes a book, paints and a paintbrush, fairy dust, a paper fairy doll, and a wooden fairy house to decorate.

The book tells the legend of the Dreamland Fairy and can be read as a bedtime story. As the story goes, the fairies ran out of stories to tell, so they snuck into children's bedrooms while the children slept to hear their dreams and re-tell those dream stories back in Fairyland. The fairies listen to the dreams from inside a wooden fairy house that sits on a child's bedside table.

Kids can have their own Dreamland Fairy visit by painting the kit's wooden house, sprinkling fairy dust around it, and leaving the house out at night with the flower door on the roof open. You can even leave a note or treasure for the fairy inside the house.

Is It Fun?

This makes a nice bedtime ritual for young kids, getting them excited about going to sleep knowing that their Dreamland Fairy is going to visit. This engages kids in creative play as they decorate the fairy house however they want and imaginative play as they make up fairy stories with the house and paper doll during the day.

Who It’s For

The Dreamland Fairy House is for ages 4 and up. It will be a fun way for kids who like fairies to engage in creative play.

What To Be Aware Of

You do have to cut the paper doll and stand out of the packaging, and this can be difficult so an adult will need to help out.

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