Coop Paddle & Pickle Ball Review (SwimWays)

Coop Paddle & Pickle Ball
What It Is
The Coop Sports Paddle & Pickle Ball set comes with two wooden paddles, one pickle ball, and one small rubber ball. This set can be use on a pickle ball court, on the beach or at a park, in your backyard or anywhere you have room to hit and volley.
Is It Fun?
This set comes with two solid wood handles with comfortable grips. We much preferred the pickle ball over the small rubber ball that comes with the set, and felt like there isn't a circumstance we'd use the rubber ball. 
Who It’s For
While this is age graded 5+, you do need good hand eye coordination the hit the ball back and for, something most 5 or 6 year olds will have trouble doing. We really think the target age for this is 10+, although it's sage for kids 5+.
What To Be Aware Of
While Pickle ball is a sport that's growing in popularity, pickle ball courts are hard to find and it's not a court you can create at home. 
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