Uglydoll Loonacy Review (Looney Labs)

Uglydoll Loonacy
What It Is

Match your favorite Uglydoll characters to win in the matching card game Uglydoll Loonacy. Everybody gets seven cards and the object is to get rid of all your cards first. You do this by matching cards in your hand to the top card on any of the discard piles. The number of discard piles you have depends on how many players you have. You can play with two to five players. To make the game even more entertaining, all of the cards feature images of the Uglydoll characters you might recognize from the plush toys. There are two character images on each card, but you only have to match one.

There are no turns in this game. Everyone just plays their matches when they see them. You've got to be fast or another player might end up playing on a card you wanted. If no one has a matching card in their hand, then everybody draws another card from the draw pile to continue play. 

Is It Fun?
This game couldn't be easier to learn to play, and with its fast pace, it's going to be a fun challenge to your visual skills and reflexes. Obviously, the inclusion of the Uglydoll characters makes the game appeal to fans of the Uglydolls, but even if you've never heard of these silly-but-cute monster characters, we think you'll still have fun playing this card game.
Who It’s For
Uglydoll Loonacy is for two to five players ages 8 and up. The inclusion of the Uglydolls on the cards means it will definitely be fun for fans of the Uglydolls, but it's so easy to learn to play with a nice fast pace that we think any fan of quick card games will have fun playing it.
What To Be Aware Of
Uglydolls are plush toys that have been around since 2001.
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