Whiffer Stickers Series 4 Review (Whiffer Sniffers)

Whiffer Stickers Series 4
What It Is

Turn notebooks, cards, and more into something delicious with the Whiffer Stickers. Based on the scented plush toys called Whiffer Sniffers, each sticker pack comes with 60 stickers featuring artwork of the scented characters, and each sticker is scented to smell like that character. 

Whiffer Stickers Series 4 includes all eight of the Series 4 Whiffer Sniffers: Howie Rolls who smells like cinnamon rolls, Izzy Sodalicious who smells like grape soda, Maci Macaron who smells like blueberry macaron, May B. Minty who smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream, Mikey Milkshake who smells like a chocolate shake, Phil O’Jelly who smells like a strawberry donut, Sonny Shine who smells like an orange, and Sour Saul who smells like green apple. Each sticker pack is sold separately.

Each pack has four sticker sheets with 15 stickers on each sheet. Just scratch a sticker and then smell the sticker. 

And once you take the sticker sheets out of the packaging, you’ll reveal a character coloring sheet or cut-out activity.

Is It Fun?
These stickers have pretty good scents and will be fun for kids to scratch and sniff. Kids who are fans of Whiffer Sniffers will like collecting stickers for their favorite Whiffer Sniffers characters and sticking the stickers all their stuff so that their favorite scents will always be around. But any kid who likes stickers and scented toys will have fun collecting and sticking these stickers.
Who It’s For

Whiffer Stickers are for ages 3 and up. These will be fun for kids who like decorating notebooks, cards, and other things with stickers. Kids will like the scratch-and-sniff element of the stickers so that they can smell their favorite scents wherever they go.

What To Be Aware Of
Each Whiffer Stickers pack is sold separately.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

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