Transformers The Last Knight Dinobot Slash Review (Hasbro)

Transformers The Last Knight Dinobot Slash
What It Is
 Inspired by characters by the new movie Transformers: The Last Knight, the Dinobot Slash figure from Hasbro brings the leading Dinobot in the movie off the screen and into the playroom. The figure is an accurate recreation of the character as seen in the movie and transforms from warrior mode to Dino mode. The unit is largely self-contained, and it also comes with two hatchet-like swords to be used in warrior mode, or as protective underbelly fins when in Dinobot mode. 

The figure is plastic with a few metal riots for easier moves. It has a cool, silver metallic paint job on claws and head on the Dino as well as blue metallic paint on the warrior’s head and chest plate. It comes in a detailed box which would be great for display for collectors who may want to keep it in the package.

Is It Fun?
The Dinobot Slash figure changes from stealth warrior to Dinobot in just 13 simple steps. Fans can play out their own Transformer adventures with this portable and cool figure. 

There are other figures in the series that can be purchased separately including Bumblebee, Barricade, and Decepticon Berserker, but let’s face it; nothing is cooler than a dinosaur or Dinobot.

Who It’s For
This is a figure for fans and collectors of this toy line. It's age-graded for 7 and up.  Children who enjoy a figure with many moving parts and solving the puzzle of transforming will enjoy the cool factor of this toy.
What To Be Aware Of
The directions are a series of pictures that are helpful when it comes to understanding what the figure should look like, but honestly it’s just more fun figuring out how the piece transforms on it’s own. 

A frustrated child may need help from a patient parent when when transforming the figure, at least the first few times. It really is more like a puzzle than anything else.

One element of the new Transformers line we really like is that there are many options at different levels of difficulty when it comes to the transforming, so there are lots of choices for people of different interests or skill levels. 

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    Medium Difficulty