Duet Stroller Speaker Review (Summer Infant)

Duet Stroller Speaker
What It Is

The Duet Stroller Speaker from Summer Infant is a speaker that attaches on to the handle bar of your stroller.  This speaker is bluetooth enabled to play music from your phone. This speaker allows parents to enjoy music or podcasts while strolling. Your phone securely attaches to the speaker for convenience. It also allows parents to have access to their phone easily since the phone is sitting right at the handle bar. Whether it’s music to soothe baby during the stroll or something to get you pumped up for a run. 

Why Is It Useful?

This is a great accessory for your stroller. This bluetooth speaker allows parents to listen to podcasts or music while enjoying a stroll or a jog with baby. 

Who It’s For
The Duet Stroller Speaker is for use with strollers. This can also be attached onto bikes or backpacks or anywhere your adventures take  you. 
What To Be Aware Of
This is a great bluetooth speaker that you can use well after the baby stages. 
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