President Trump Troll Review (Wild Hair Creations)

President Trump Troll
What It Is

Where would the toy business be without novelty items? No matter who's in office or what party they represent, you can count on some waggish toymaker to come up with something silly to capture the zeitgeist. Well, this time it's President Trump's turn. Wild Hair creations has come up with the President Trump Troll...Hair to the Chief.

It's a troll like doll, and one of the reasons this is so witty is that the Donald's hair has always been one of his more defining physical it has been with trolls since the late 1950s. The doll comes in a package with a quote Legend on the back. In fact, we left this one in the package because we think that's how most people will relate to it. This is a silly-slash-gag gift for people on either side of the aisle. After all, the original trolls were called Wishniks, and were supposed to bring good luck. Best of all, what constitutes good luck is totally in the eye of the beholder.

Is It Fun?
This is just for laughs, of course. It's doubtful that it will ever be taken out of the box and played with. In fact, look for it to be a candidate for re-gifting as people want to pass on the gag.
Who It’s For
This is for anyone with a sense of humor about politics and current events. Obviously, it will appeal most to adults who are politically inclined. Moreover, no matter what your political point of view, you'll probably find this funny.
What To Be Aware Of
There are some other Trump trolls out there, but this is the only one you could give to your mom without being embarrassed.

It's intended to be all in good fun.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy