Play-Doh Bath Soap Review (Townleygirl)

Play-Doh Bath Soap
What It Is

The fun with Play-Doh doesn’t have to stop just because it’s bath time. Continue molding and creating with Play-Doh Bath Soap. This is moldable soap clay that can be shaped and played with like Play-Doh, but it has a fresh soap scent and suds up like soap when it’s time to clean up. 

Each pack of Play-Doh Bath Soap comes with five containers of the soap in orange, green, blue, pink, and purple. 

Is It Fun?
The Play-Doh Bath Soap is ideal for kids who hate taking a bath because it allows them to play with one of their favorite toys while getting clean at the same time. Some of the color does come off, which means that your hands and the bath water might end up looking orange, but that’s actually going to add to the fun for kids who will like watching the bath water change colors. The color doesn’t stain, and it easily wipes off of your skin with water, even the colorful water in your tub.
Who It’s For
Play-Doh Bath Soap is for ages 3 and up. Kids who like playing with Play-Doh will like this new way to mold and play in the tub.
What To Be Aware Of

Some of the color does come off in the water and on your skin, but it doesn’t stain.

Keep the soap stored in its container when not in use.

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